Monthly Archive: December 2016

Crawlspace Cleaning—Space In The Attic

Crawlspace cleaning means the space in the attic. There is no house that does not have a loft or attics, where those things are kept that are not in use. The truth is that once these items go into the crawlspace, it will never be used again. It could just be possible that one may think of crawling up the narrow space and think of cleaning it, once a year. There are many names for this place such as an attic, loft or crawl space. However, there are many companies that offer their services to clean such places, but at a price. The crawlspace is always considered the most neglected place in the house and that is why many things collect there, like living and non–living.

Crawlspace cleaning services: We are the people who handle damaged insulation to rodents, wood debris, and waste plastics and just about anything that is stopping your crawl space from looking presentable. We make it so clean that one will no longer consider the crawl space as a dumping ground. We also install vapor barrier that helps in not letting moisture enter because of which most of the items get coated with mold or mildew.Visit:Tacoma Crawl Space Cleaning

Spray Foam Insulation: Spray foam is the highest type of insulation for leaks and thus preventing moisture from entering the crawl space and causing the mold and mildew. This form of spray form also works as a deterrent to rodents. The spray foam is not-permeable, and so no water can pass through it. The advantage of spray foam is that it goes a long way even when one uses a little bit. Spray foams seals the hole gaps, thus saving you money as well as insulating value

Attic Cleanout and Insulation: As mentioned earlier, crawlspace is always considered the most neglected place in the house. Hence, not having enough insulation can have an impact on your utility bills. We have the best equipment to clean out the area and at the same time repair the damage. The benefits of insulation and sealing are many. They are as follows

  • It helps in preventing energy loss thus resulting in lower heating and cooling costs.
  • It helps in keeping the roof cool in summer.
  • It prevents pre –mature roof destruction and costly replacements.
  • It helps to avoid excess moisture and condensation. This can result in mold and mildew formation.
  • It also reduces noise levels.
  • Most important is that it keeps the place free of rodents and their feces.
  • The r value means resistance, and that is the efficiency of the insulation.

Air sealing and duct sealing: Removing air leaks from home is critical for you and your family. By doing this, we cut down on the heating and cooling costs and at the same time improves the durability of the house. In this manner, we increase the comfort in the house and also create a healthier home for you.